2024 Mansion Fun Run

Imagine a day filled with laughter, energy, and the vibrant colors of superhero capes fluttering in the breeze. This isn’t an imaginary day; it's the day we come together for the 2024 Fun Run at Tupelo Children's Mansion!

This year, we're embracing the spirit of superheroes because, to the children at TCM, that's precisely what you are – a hero. This caped crusade theme is the perfect backdrop for a day of joy, empowerment, and community. But beyond the capes and the fun, this event carries a profound purpose: to support the vital services and loving home environment TCM provides for children in need.

Your support has always been the cornerstone of our mission, enabling us to offer a safe haven and transformative opportunities to countless children. As we prepare for this extraordinary event, we turn to you once again. Will you join our caped crusade, ensuring every child at TCM can continue to dream big and achieve even more?

Here's how you can be a superhero for the TCM kids:

  1. Sponsor a Team*: Our staff and children have formed four teams for a little added competition on our campus. To sponsor a specific team, visit https://p2p.charityengine.net/2024FunRun/, select your team, and help them secure the win!  
  2. Donate*: Make a general donation toward the event. Any amount makes a significant impact. Your donation fuels the essential programs and daily operations at TCM. Simply scan the QR code to make your donation.
  3. Spread the Word: Use your superpower of communication to share about the Fun Run! You can share the Fun Run with your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers! Send a text or share on social media. What a great way to get others involved in changing children's futures! The more heroes who join our cause, the more children we can support 

      The 2024 Fun Run transcends the ordinary fundraiser. It is a testament to the belief that every child should feel cherished, nurtured, and equipped to overcome any challenge. So, dear friend, let's lace up our running shoes, adjust our capes, and make this the most memorable Fun Run yet! Together, we're not just running; we're making dreams come true and proving that saving the day has never been this much fun!

      Thank you for supporting TCM's 2024 Fun Run. You are truly the hero in the heart of every child here.

      Dr. Chad A. Parker, DSW, LMSW, LPC

      Any donation of $100 or more will receive our 2024 Fun Run T-shirt! The logo on this unique shirt was inspired by one of our talented residents. 

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