An Urgent Appeal

I am writing to you concerning three very urgent needs that we are currently facing. Actually, this is a threefold appeal.

TCMA SignLast fall, we purchased new school uniforms and shoes for all of our Mansion children.  They look so nice on the children and lend a scholastic air to our on-campus learning environment. Having a standard uniform greatly simplifies the purchasing of clothes during the school year, as well as makes it so much easier for our houseparents to get multiple children ready each morning. Because of routine wear and tear, we greatly need to purchase each child a new uniform package. We also have several new children who have recently arrived on our campus who need school outfits. We are estimating that these purchases will cost approximately $10,000 and will carry us through the spring and summer months.  

My second ask is also very urgent and has to do with a necessary adjustment in our curriculum at Tupelo Children’s Mansion Academy. Due to changing laws and regulations in various states, schools are no longer accepting the credits of children returning home from TCM. Therefore, we have made the decision to partner with an accredited online academy to make sure the children can receive the credits needed. This transition involves the creation of four technology labs at TCMA, as well as ongoing fees to maintain records and enrollment. The initial cost is estimated to be close to $50,000, but it will be well worth it knowing our children are receiving a quality and accredited education. 

Regarding my third appeal, one of my responsibilities as Executive Director is to oversee the food services at TCM. We serve over 100,000 meals each year at the Mansion. I am proud of our kitchen staff who work diligently to serve nutritious food while saving money whenever possible. While inflation is easing, food prices are expected to soar in 2023, including one food staple whose price rose nearly 60% over the past year. The average price of a dozen eggs hit $4.25 in December, up from $1.70 a year earlier. So, I am simply asking that you help us offset unavoidable increases in our food budget. 

Would you prayerfully consider today how you can help us with these three urgent needs? 

If we receive more from this threefold appeal than the amounts needed for these specific items, any additional giving will go toward the other costs of caring for all of our Mansion children, including Suzie, whose story follows.  

Suzie’s grandparents were trying their best to raise her after they received a call, “Come get her or we are putting her out on the street.” Suzie had a hard life and was struggling with self-loathing. 

Even though the grandparents poured love into Suzie, they felt ill-equipped to handle her behavior issues and her anger that spilled out on everyone. She felt unloved and unwanted and couldn't come to terms with being abandoned and cut off completely by her parents. She overdosed one night and required life-saving measures.

For health reasons, the aging grandparents realized they needed help and reached out to TCM. 

Suzie arrived withdrawn and defeated. She had a poor image of herself and often avoided peers and social situations. But as time has progressed, she has blossomed, has a smile for everyone, and is learning how to love herself. She now talks about college and the future.

You have shown us time and time again just how much you love this ministry and the children in need at Tupelo Children's Mansion. 

Will you please send a donation today in response to these urgent needs? 

Our love and prayers are with you! Thanks for doing all that you can do to help us with these immediate needs.



Erma Judd

Executive Director


(Suzie is not her real name, nor is she pictured.) 

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